The Mystery of Thule

The Adventure Begins

First few sessions

The story began in the city-state of Amarna. The cast all signed on to travel in a caravan to the city-state of Thule, which is across the savannah. The first day of travel went well, and they made good time.

The first night, however, was fraught with peril. They built their circle of wagons, and a series of fires around the outer ring, to ward off the Megafauna. It was not very successful. Before long, they were attacked by entelodonts. They managed to kill three or four of them without any casualties.

The next day, they encountered a place of bad magic. The air itself had become like an invisible tar pit, trapping anything that wandered into it. Luckily, Andronicus was traveling in the scouting party and smelled it before they walked into it.

That evening, they encountered Wencit, the trader. He had come from the south, and was part of a doomed caravan that was destroyed by mega animals. He was concerned about the bad magic area, and wanted to join their caravan, which he did.

They had an uneventful night, but were followed by terror birds as they journeyed on. The giant scared them off.

They arrived at the river that runs from Thule, avoided some sabertooths, and forded the river. Finally, they made it to the canyon…the final stage of the journey. They found a wrecked wagon blocking the road in the canyon. The cast investigated, and found that the wagon had been ambushed by archers from above. The giant, Andronicus, and Alexong found a way up to the ledge where the ambushers were, while Baldr used his cart to draw fire and clear the path for the caravan.

The ambushers turned out to be H’Shongg. The three heroes fought them, and killed two and poisoned one. The poisoned one then called a truce. He told them their issue was with the humans, because humans came and used magic against them. They decided they needed to prevent humans from nearing their home, hence the ambush. They agreed to let the caravan through. As the three left, the H’Shongg warned them to take care at Thule.

The caravan arrived at Thule. The place turned out to be abandoned, and had been for a few months. Inside, they found strange standing stones all over the place, with sigils from an unknown language on them. With nightfall approaching, they brought the caravan inside and closed the gate.



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